Estoy mirando una película (bien mala), y la descripción dice, Un psicópata usa su mente para lanzar fuego y poner en sitio una pequeña ciudad.

I'm watching a movie (quite bad), and the description says, A psycopath uses his mind to launch fire and put in place a small city.

Put in place a small city just doesn't sound right. Is this like "put in it's place", mean to get revenge? Any suggestions?

  • Posted Nov 22, 2010
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  • I'd be asking more about how he uses his mind to "launch fire". I'd ask if you were watching one of the Firestarter series, but they were psychics not pyschopaths. - 0074b507 Nov 22, 2010
  • It's a gruesomely weird movie that I will not watch much more of, but it does involve a fatal game that seems to involve a mix of basketball and martial arts. - KevinB Nov 22, 2010
  • wow... it sounds like an award winning movie - Tonyriva Nov 22, 2010
  • Didn't the Maya play a version of field hockey with flaming balls? Any sport with flaming balls has to be entertaining. - KevinB Nov 23, 2010
  • No, the Maya played a ball game that involved pasing balls through laterally placed hoops, and that involved using only the hips to hit the ball. No fire, tough, as far as I know. - Gekkosan Nov 23, 2010

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hmmm... me suena medio raro...

"Poner en sitio"... is "to put under a siege"

it could be "Poner en su sitio"... "make someone see what is his position, in contrast with the speaker so he cannot take certain freedoms"

  • Nov 22, 2010
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  • Ahora que lo pienso... "poner en sitio"... podría ser lo correcto, porque los ciudadanos están "sitiados" por el psicópata - Tonyriva Nov 22, 2010
  • Place the city under siege sounds like a possible context for a thriller. - 0074b507 Nov 22, 2010
  • I think "put under siege" is it. I don't plan on watching the rest of the movie to find out. It's really, really bad. - KevinB Nov 22, 2010


I think this is not only a bad film but also bad Spanish.

lanza fuego ....para sitiar la ciudad.

Para ponerla en sitio...not intelligible.

  • Nov 23, 2010
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  • Tienes razón. Debería ser "usa su mente para lanzar fuego y sitiar a la ciudad". Evidentemente la composición va acorde con la calidad de la película. :) - Gekkosan Nov 23, 2010