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I ran this mesage through Google translator:

"gracias por preocuparte por mi por decirme cosas bonitas me ases sentir muy feliz"

The English translation reads:

"thanks for telling me worry for my beautiful things I feel very happy aces"

Can someone provide a clearer English translation?

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Hi, Erikg!

Because Google translator is a good tool, but it does not understand when words are misspelled.

Try to run;

Gracias por preocuparte por mí y por decirme cosas bonitas. Me haces sentir muy feliz.

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That did the trick - thank you very much cogumela!! smile

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Because Google translator is a good tool,

Although Google translator is a good tool) A pesar de que Google translator sea un buen implemento/metodo (una manera buena) de ... Otra posibilidad, "Despite Google being a good translator ..."

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