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when do I use those words and how do I use them in sentences?

  • Posted Nov 21, 2010
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La and El are definite articles, in other words the Spanish form of "the".

La is feminine for feminine words like "la cara" (the face). E.g. La caraesta sucia. (The face is clean)

El is masculine for masculine words like "El lapiz" (the pencil). E.g. El lapiz es amarillo. (The pencil is yellow)

Los is the plural form of el, Las is the plural form of la. Eg. Las caras/ los lapices. Example: "Los hombres son feos" (Those men are ugly)

Es is the "permanent" form of "is" in spanish. You would not use it to say someone is doing a verb. You can use it to describe a she or he or an object . E.g. "El es guapo." (He is handsome) or "El reloj es blanco" (the clock is white).

Ella simply means she, El means he. "El es perezoso." ( He is lazy) "Ella es ordenada" (She is organized.)

Y means and. Eg: "Ahora, entiendes las palabras cara y lapiz, y mucho mas!" (Now you understand the words face and pencil and much more!)

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Hi, Princess. Welcome to the forum.

You'll need to take a look at the lessons on Definite Articles and Personal Pronouns to understand how those words are used.

Please feel free to post further questions on this thread after you have read the lessons.

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