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i take spanish in school but they dnt teach us mexico spanish ( i dnt know why not because we live in san diego about 30 minutes from the border ) & they teach us that it is "la ropa interior" but i know thats not how you say it in mex. spanish .

  • Posted Nov 20, 2010
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chones, calzones

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la ropa interior

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Los Chones. At least that is how the Mexicans that I hang out with in southern NM say it.

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Calzones is another word for underwear.

  • You are kidding!!! That's the last time I order that at PizzaHut! - Yeser007 Nov 20, 2010 flag
  • :-) - KevinB Nov 20, 2010 flag
  • That is underpants, a piece of underwear I agree, any way shouldn't that be calzoncillos and how about bragas. - kenwilliams Nov 20, 2010 flag
  • I think this is highly dependent on your location. A lot of the Mexicans near the U.S. border say chones like SenorVerde said, which is a corrupted form of this. - KevinB Nov 22, 2010 flag
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Diarrah, Welcome to the forum but please refrain from using text talk here. This is a learning site so proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling are required.

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For mens underwear it's called calzoncillos, for womens underwear it's called pantis, for thongs it's called tangas, and for underwear in general it's ropa interior.

  • havn't you heard of bragas, I think pantis is an english thing although spelt differently. - kenwilliams Nov 20, 2010 flag
  • bragas is not for mexico. None of my mexican friends have heard of that word. They use calzones for women and calzoncillos for men, and other slang words like chones etc... - jeezzle Nov 21, 2010 flag
  • Yes I am learning my spanish in Barcelona with government teachers so we don't get any slang and being a 74 rear old I don't get to mix with the young ones on the street so don't pick up much slang. - kenwilliams Nov 21, 2010 flag
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Spanish language is spanish language wherever it is spoken, no such thing as mexican spanish and same applies to english which is also spoken in many countries.

  • They may technically be the same language, but the accent and vocabulary can be incomprehensible to another native speaker. - KevinB Nov 20, 2010 flag
  • Kind of like my New Zealand friend whom I cannot understand? :~) - Jack-OBrien Nov 20, 2010 flag
  • I'm from the U.S. and a woman in Dublin told me she couldn't understand a word I said. - KevinB Nov 20, 2010 flag
  • Yes I can't understand the scots and geordies and thre is one accent I can't stand I won't name it as it might offend. - kenwilliams Nov 20, 2010 flag
  • Well I'll be brave and say it begins with C and that's all I'm saying. - kenwilliams Nov 20, 2010 flag
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They may technically be the same language, but the accent and vocabulary can be incomprehensible to another native speaker

More than just "technically" the same; they are "broadly"/generally the same (the similarities far outweigh the differences). In my opinion, differences in pronunciation are trivial (and , largely systematic/consistent) so that the adjustment is not at all difficult.

The differences in vocabulary tend to vary inversely with the level of education. All languages (unless their spoken range is confined to some "postage stamp" sized region exhibit regionalisms. When faced with a specific word/expression, this can be a problem but, unless one spends an inordinate amount of time discussing recipes, local flora and fauna, etc. this should only be an occasional problem.

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For panties, I guess it would be "bragas". As in, "Quitate las bragas".

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