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well, the thread is the question :D

  • Posted Nov 19, 2010
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Hi, Lovisa. You can find the answer under "barrier" in the dictionary.

Language barrier = barrera idiomática

  • thank's. what dictionary do you use? I couldn't find it anywhere!!! - LovisaNordqv Nov 19, 2010 flag
  • This site's dictionary, for one. - samdie Nov 20, 2010 flag
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I would say "barrera idiomática".

I hope to help you,



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Hi Lovisa, if you look at the top line you will see various menus: you are in "Answers' now and right beside it is 'translation' and 'dictionary'. You can also get a fast translation for single words just by double clicking your word. If you double click 'language' up pops the Spanish word 'idioma' so it is fast and easy to use. Otherwise cut and paste your phrase into the translator or just check the dictionary. Have fun on the site! LOL

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