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I have so many questions!

  • Posted Nov 19, 2010
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Do you mean resume as in start again, or résumé as in a short document describing your work history?

  • I was thinking exactly the sae thing Web lol - FELIZ77 Nov 19, 2010 flag
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I know that "sigue" means to continue.

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I think that I've heard "hoja de vida" for resume, but I'm not sure.

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Hello Jamesflam

I'm from Madrid,

I would say "reanudar", "continuar" could be posible either

I hope it helps you,

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Hello James, if you’re referring to “resume” as a verb it would be “continuar, reanudar, reasumir or volver a asumir”. If you’re referring to “resumé” as a noun it would be “currículo historial, personal, or hoja de vida”. I’ve also seen “currículo vitae” but I don’t think this would be the norm in Spanish.

I am open for any corrections here.

  • CV is what I have always heard. - 0074b507 Nov 20, 2010 flag
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I believe jamesflam is referring to a work resume, therefore the translation is "currículum."

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