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What is "comida corrida?" I can look up the meaning of each word. But in Mexico where we now live the phrase is used at various restaurants to indicate ???. My guess is that it means a complete dinner, or possibly a complete dinner special.

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  • Posted Nov 18, 2010
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There is no plural to such phrase¡

Yes ,you are right ,it is a usually-cheap dinner that you can eat in small places, (usually not big restaurants), that include soup, pasta, water and stew.

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The nice thing about "Comida Corrida" or "Comida a la Corrida" is that the food is always fresh and made in a home-cooked manner. Some friends of mine in Mexico City have one of these little places and I would eat there 5 time a week the last time I lived there. You never know until about 11am what the main dish of the day will be because the proprietor must go to the market each day to find something fresh. Another nice thing about these places is that you always see many of the same patrons. It's almost like having a family meal.

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comida corrida

comida corrida f. (plural: comidas corridas)

  1. (Mexico) table d’hote, a small meal of several courses at a fixed price eaten between about 1 and 4 p.m.
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Also they also use the term "el menú del día" and it's a set priced lunch that has many courses with 2 or 3 choices for each one. I think that "comida corrida" is the term used in Mexico.

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