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Yo digo pulmonia para la palabra "neumonia" pero mi amiga dice que pulmonia y neumonia no son lo mismo. Cual es la diferencia?

  • Posted Nov 18, 2010
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They are the same. Neumonía is the term used by doctors, while pulmonía is often used by people outside of the medical profession.


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They both mean the same, but "pulmonía" uses the Latin root "pulmo" (lung), and it has been used by all speakers since at least the 13th century until now. It appeared in the first edition of the Diccionario de la Real Academia in 1737.

"Neumonía" uses the Greek root "pneumon" (lung), and it was a term that only Plutarch used in the past (1st century A. D.) before Middle Ages. It was introduced in the 17th century in English, and then popularised in other languages, and especially among doctors. The Diccionario de la Real Academia introduced it 68 years after its foundation as a medical term only.

Doctors prefer to use a more obscure and overly technical vocabulary (ideally Greek) that impress people and make them wonder what they are saying, but since "pulmón" is the word that every native speaker (no matter how illiterate) uses for lung, the meaning of the word is obvious even if you've never been to school, so doctors are less likely to use the latter, even though it is a perfectly acceptable term. Most native speakers are equally familiar with "neumonía".

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I never try to impress my patients at all. I discuss all medical issues in terms that they will understand. Especially when they are all stressed out after their loved one just spent 6 hours in open heart surgery. I think Doctors who try to impress their patients with long technical medical words are jerks.

When I'm at a conference and speaking to 300 cardiologists, I really pour it on. Its a Doctor to Doctor thing. I still think it is kind of silly. Lazarus hit the nail on the head. I see a lot of physicians try to impress anybody that will listen.

Pneumonia .......why the silent "P".......English spelling....crazy!

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I don't think there is a difference between pulmonía y neumonía

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They are the same only that the Neumonía is more serious that the pulmonía

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¿Tal vez, en la cultura de tu amiga, las dos palabras tengan sentidos ligeramente diferentes? ¿Porqué no le pregunta cuál le es la diferencia?

Perhaps, in your friend's culture, the two words have slightly different meanings? Why not ask her what she thinks the difference is?

  • Her culture doesn't matter.. they are exactly the same thing. - bill1111 Nov 18, 2010 flag
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Prácticamente neumonía y pulmonía son lo mismo, pero el término correcto es el primero.

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pulmonía vs neumonía I guess it sounds more serious when a doctor tells you that something ails you.

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