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i have heard a lot this verb flipar but the way spanish people use it is different. i have searched a lot but i did not get a reasonable answer they say sometimes "tu eres flipao" what it means and sometimes when they are telling u something that they went to some place and is beautiful they say like that "tio el sitio pues flipao"

  • Posted Nov 18, 2010
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2 Answers

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eres flipado = you are crazy, flipped out, ridiculous
el sitio puedes flipado = that place will make you flip

Flipar can mean crazy or crazy about in English, depending on context. Some Spanish speakers hate saying the letter d.

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Hi, I think that this question deserves more comments. smile

Lorenzo is in the good way, however, note that there is a big difference in accordance with the use of this word. "Estar flipao" is not the same that "ser (un) flipao".

Well pointed by Lorenzo, flipao is the incorrect lazy form of flipado.

Tío, eres un flipao = Mate, you are crazy, flipped out, ridiculous (by Lorenzo).

Tío, estoy flipando = Mate, I'm very susprised, this is unbelievable, amazing

El sitio puedes fliparlo = You'll love the place

Tío, el sitio... pues (estoy) flipao = I'm very impressed for the place.

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