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donde viven los cocodrilos?

  • Posted Nov 16, 2010
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Where do the crocodiles live?

The crocodiles live in many places. You can google an answer unless it is a discussion of some sort you are interested in.

If you will elaborate on your question, perhaps we can be of some help to you.

crocodiles Pictures, Images and Photos

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  • Draw a line from Townsville in Queensland to Broome Western Ausrtralia, and north of that line are where all the Crocs live. - ray76 Nov 16, 2010 flag
  • I shall be certain to avoid that area! jajaj - Brynleigh Nov 16, 2010 flag
  • Great sign! - JulianChivi Nov 19, 2010 flag
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Saltwater crocodile habitats around three continents:

  • man... I live in some of that brownish area... and I have never seen any crocodile... now I'm scared. - Tonyriva Nov 19, 2010 flag
  • Dont be scared...be alert. - TheLegend Nov 19, 2010 flag
  • I never saw a single crocodile in Caracas. Well, not one that wasn't part of an article of clothing. - KevinB Nov 19, 2010 flag
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Bienvenido al foro. ¿Quieres una traducción?

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in the French coast?

alt text

  • jajajajaj :D M!!! - culé Nov 20, 2010 flag
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This word sounds so funny! LOL ¡cocodrilo!

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There was a song! Il coccodrillo come fa? (It's in Italian) grin

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Another croc song is "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John link text but alas, many of you here weren't yet a twinkle in you mama's eyes when it was popular worldwide, so it may be unknown to you.

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This is very interesting to me. I am trying to write a children's book for my nephew. How do you say black caiman en español?

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Answer for pescadorf:

Possibly it is "caimán negro".

I am not a native speaker but this is what I think it might be. Perhaps a native speaker will add to the translation.

Good luck with your book.

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