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My profe is from Spain and I would like to say it the best way possible. For example, "Calatrava asistió escuelas primarias y secundarias en Valencia." Thanks smile

  • Posted Nov 13, 2010
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If Primary School is the same thing as Middle School you could say la escuela intermida.

To say Highschool in Spanish you would say la escuela secundaria.

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The best way to say it is simpler than you think:

Primary school: Escuela primaria

Secondary school: Escuela secundaria

In your example you don't have to write them as plurals, only if you mean that he studied in several schools; the right way of your example would be :

Calatrava asistió a la escuela primaria y secundaria en Valencia.

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You might be interested in this thread which contains a description by a native of Barcelona.

las escuelas de España

  • Educacion primaria (obligatoria): hasta los 12 años
    • Educacion secundaria obligatoria (ESO, 4 años): 13- 16 años
    • Bachillerato (2 años): 17-18 años
    • Universidad
  • These leaves me confused as to what years el colegio covers (just the Bachillerato?) or is the term colegio not used in Spain.

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