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There is a beautiful song by Beny Moré, "Mata Siguaraya" and Oscar D'León did a cover of it as well. I would like to know what "siguaraya" means. I wonder if there is a city or province in Cuba named Siguarey or Siguaray, that "siguaraya" would come from. As in, they were talking about a plant from that area. Anyways, I would really like to know because it is such a beautiful song.

Here is the song for all to enjoy:




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Hello Kbrox, welcome to the Forum.

Have a look in here, if you don't mind the Spanish. In short, is a Cuban plant, a holy tree, very important in the Santería religion.

  • Wow, thanks so much. That totally makes sense. - kbrox Nov 10, 2010 flag
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It's a type of tree found in Cuba.

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Es una ceiba.

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