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how would this sentences go porque hay mucha contaminacion en el aire nos perocupa el medio ambiente a nosotros go

write each sentences by putting the phrases in the correct order

  • In any case , you might want to bother to at least copy the word correctly. And use correct spelling in your language;) - 00494d19 Nov 10, 2010 flag

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HI and welcome to the forumsmile

Your input would be?

We do not do homework here, we just help with itwink

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Help with it rolleyes???

I really don't visit it this site that often but when I do, I like learning from it. If you're a student, you can learn lots from this site. I see lots of great spellers and translators. And sometimes some people just get too carried away with their helping!

How I would write it is .... "A nosotros nos preocupa el medio ambiente porque hay mucha contaminacion en el aire."

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