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There is a college in California known as "Las Positas," which some people think means "little (water) wells." The Spanish-English disctionary suggests that the correct Spanish translation for little water wells would be "los pozitos" or "los pozos pequenos," and that "las positas" means "little bells" that are used in religious services for the deceased.

Please answer the question: What is the correct English translation of "las positas"?

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1 . Knell, toll 2 - Pause in funeral procession to sing the responses. 3 - (In plural) Buttocks, seat behinds. :

posita, diminutive for


(De posar).

  1. f. Clamor de campanas por los difuntos.

  2. f. Parada que hace el clero cuando se lleva a enterrar un cadáver, para cantar el responso.

  3. f. ant. Descanso, quietud, reposo.

  4. f. ant. pausa.

  5. f. pl. p. us. nalgas (‖ porciones carnosas y redondeadas).

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Hi there, answer 1 is right, but it really depends what Spanish are you referring to, there is some differences in that type of tricky words depending on the nationality of who is speaking, I'm assuming that if this is in California i will think is Mexican, I cannot tell you the right translation as my first language is Spanish and I don't have a quite good vocabulary in English, even though I can tell you that "POSITA" can be a little pond as well, hope it helps


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I have also seen it defined as "little puddles".

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