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If 'el recuerdo' means 'souvenir' but 'los recuerdos' means 'memories', then how do you say 'souvenirs' in Spanish?

  • Posted Nov 8, 2010
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Souvenirs, the exact same word cool smile

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There was a very popular song in English , " Among my Souvenirs",

which meant" among my memories" , so I guess it is the same in both languages.

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you could still say recuerdo, or recuerdito....it is the context in which it is used

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'recuerdos' means memories, but it is still the plural of 'recuerdo' as in souvenir. You can perfectly say "Traigo varios recuerdos de mi viaje a México", just as you'd say "Traigo varios 'souvenirs' de mi viaje a México"

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Well, in Spain we say "recuerdos" but actually they are referred to the word "regalos". Therefore, you can say "regalos" or "recuerdos".

In fact, we say "recuerdos" as well because they are presents to remember my visit to a place. But it is possible that you buy this for yourself, then it is not a present. It is something you buy to remember the place.

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souvenirs means either gifts or memories in French. In Spanish souvenir refers exclusively to those little gifts people buy for their dear ones, so there is not any confusion if you buy one or ten, people say Te traje un suvenir / Traje muchos souvenires (or suvenires). Te traje esto de recuerdo .

I always wondered why people have to buy an ashtray to remember they were to, say, Paris or London. question or to make their friends and relatives remember that they (the buyers) went somewhere.

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