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Does anyone know what the word "chombo" means? It's on a bottle of hot sauce from Panama. It says "picante chombo, auténtica sazón panameña".

  • Posted Nov 5, 2010
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En este caso es el tipo de picante... Y en este contexto no es despectivo.

chombo, ba. 1. m. y f. despect. coloq. Pan. Persona negra de habla inglesa.

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  • This explanation is correct. I lived in panama for a couple years - Fulito Jun 22, 2013 flag
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chombo = habanero pepper

salsa picante de ají chombo = habanero pepper sauce


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chombo and red peper


alt text

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  1. Chombo refers to habanero pepper sauce (i.e., salsa picante).
  2. It also is a non-derogatory term for people of African descent in Panama.

Ex: Hola Chombo.**

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It could be a mixture of two words.

Like in english when we say chillax, it is relax and chill.

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It can be a term of endearment or derogatory depends on who is saying it....just like the N word. And that's exactly what it means...the N word. The sauce is called that because you know us black people love hot sauce and/or because black people are stereotyped as always being heated or angry all the time. It can be used for blacks from the Caribbean who speak english, but not always. My oldest brother's nickname is Chombo. My Aunt just explained the the hotsauce part to me two mths ago when I was in Panama. But my Aunt said she doesn't know how Chombo was switched around to mean a black person she said that Christopher Columbus called the natives of Panama"Chomba" Now what are the origins of these words? I can't tell you that. I hope this helps. I am a Panamanian American. SN: its not habanero pepper, its a pepper called Scotch Bonnet....ten times hotter than habanero lolol

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It's a name. It doesn't mean anything in particular. There's also a reggaeton artist known as El Chombo, and one of the characters in a William Gibson book adopts the name Bobby Chombo.

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