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Hi everybody, I have a new game for you and I hope you like it smile

Please read the instructions before posting your answer, thank you: )

  • Instructions :-

This one is very easy this time, here are 9 topics :-

  1. Describe how you look in 5 words.
  2. Describe your job in 5 special words. (Special things about your job )
  3. Tell us about 5 things you hate.
  4. And another 5 things you like in your life.
  5. Describe this forum in 5 words.wink
  6. Name 5 different countries that you've visited before .
  7. Name 5 kinds of food that you love
  8. Write 5 Spanish verbs that you mostly use everyday in your lifegrin
  9. Name 5 different hobbies in your life

And all you have to do is to choose 1 or more topic to talk about in your five words,

For example :- ( I'll choose the topic number 5)

Describe this forum in 5 words":-

  • útiles = helpful

  • ambiente = friendly

  • mi segunda casa = my second homesmile

  • mejor lugar = best place

  • encantadora = lovely !!!!

don't forget to write the English translation for each word

P.S: You can choose as many topics as you wish, as long as they're mentioned here on the top of the thread.

This thread is made to introduce your self to the forum, so we can get to know each other better (what's your hobbies ?, what you like and what you hate...etcwink)

Have fun!

  • Another good one, lovely. Would you like photos as well? - Brynleigh Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Photos are very appreciated Bryn, thank you so much :) - 00b6f46c Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Good Idea - jdgs Nov 5, 2010 flag
  • Thanks :) - 00b6f46c Nov 5, 2010 flag

34 Answers

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Nací, crecí y ya estoy.

I was born, I grew up and here I am!

tongue laugh

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Cinco pasatiempos en mi vida: (Five hobbies in my lifesmile

  1. Mis perros (my dogs) alt text
  2. Comer (me gusta comer casi todo!) I like to eat almost everything!
  3. Aprender Español en SD
  4. Pasar tiempo con mi familia y mis amigos (Spending time with family and friends)
  5. Mi Mustang (vroom vroom)
  • Like your dogs, I used to breed and show German Sheperds way back in the sixties. - kenwilliams Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Thank you - Labs do make great dogs!! A friend of mine has several German Shepards - they are great dogs as well! - 001a2987 Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • ¡A mi me gusta el Mustang! If I could afford a really hot car it would be a Shelby:) - Yeser007 Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Gotta love the Mustang! Mine is black;what color is yours? - Brynleigh Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Mustang is G R E A T chruhl :))))) I love it ! - 00b6f46c Nov 5, 2010 flag
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grin LOL cheese smile wink smirk

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Cinco paísies diferentes que he visitado:

Jamaica - Jamaica

France - Francia

England - Inglaterra

Cuba - Cuba

Holland - Holanda

the Eiffel Pictures, Images and Photos

  • you're lucky to visit all those intersting places bryn :)) - 00b6f46c Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Yes, I do count my blessings every day, lovely. - Brynleigh Nov 4, 2010 flag
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See what I look like

  • That's five words. I'll hit on the other topics later. - Yeser007 Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Wow - you taste the plaster? I've never seen that before!! - 001a2987 Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Hahaa, I wonder how many I actually fool with that, it's marshmallo! - Yeser007 Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • I was really hoping that it wasn't plaster - not sure what digesting that would be like....I guess i'm one that fell for it - lol - 001a2987 Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Yep,I think you would have won too! - Brynleigh Nov 4, 2010 flag
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My Job in this Forum

alt text

Saintliness: Santidad

Sacrifice: Sacrificio

Pilgrimage: Peregrinaje

Generosity: Generosidad

Humility: Humildad

  • I was going to suggest "humildad" but you thought of it yourself. - JoyceM Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Yes... come to think about it, that should be the first one, shouldn't it? :-) - Gekkosan Nov 4, 2010 flag
  • Of course it should ! oh Gekkosan you're very nice and you always help people ;0 if I didn't know you I'd say that you're an angel from the sky ..... :)) - 00b6f46c Nov 5, 2010 flag
  • See? Lovely-Lovely gets it. Thank you, my friend! 0:-) - Gekkosan Nov 5, 2010 flag
  • ....we humbly bow in your presence....(geesh!!!!!) - Echoline Nov 5, 2010 flag
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I noticed no one has done the first one on the list raspberry so here it goes...

rubia ... blonde

baja ... short

ojos azules ... blue eyes

pelo largo ... long hair

flaca (delgada???)... thin

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por aficiones =

  1. tocar el bouzouki con mi mentor = playing the bouzouki with my mentor

alt text

  • montar en mi bicicleta = ride my bike alt text

  • cultivar y beber el kéfir de leche = cultivating and drinking milk kefir alt text

jugar el tenis de mesa = play table-tennis alt text


aprender español en SD = learning spanish in SD

alt text

  • I had to look to see what is a bouzouki. Do you know how to make soy kefir? They used to sell it at my local co-op, but alas no more. I love kefir, but prefer not to drink cow's milk. - sagiia Nov 7, 2010 flag
  • Yes sagiia I know the method and the recipe, but better look at " http://users.sa.chariot.net.au/~dna/kefirpage.html " - sv2qp Nov 8, 2010 flag
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Cinco países diferentes que he visitado:

Panamá - Panama

Ecuador - Ecuador

Las Bahamas - The Bahamas

Belice - Belize

Italia - Italy

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5 Spanish verbs that I use daily. Cinco verbos español que uso diariamente. Dormir= sleep despertarse = Wake up (hopefully) Comer = Eat (como como un caballo. I eat like a horse) Pensar = Think ( I think of all the good times I had when I was young) Quejar = Complain ( yes I complain a lot I am getting old and grumpy).

  • Lol those are very imporatant verbs good job :) - 00b6f46c Nov 5, 2010 flag
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Cinco países:

Bonaire (Netherland Antilles)



Turks and Caicos Islands


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Cinco verbos Españoles en mi vida:

  • Trabajar - to work
  • Conducir - to drive
  • Dormir - to sleep
  • Comer - to eat
  • Jugar - to play - usually either with my dogs or on SD! grin
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Cinco paísies diferentes que he visitado:

USA ... Los Estados Unidos

Canada ... Canada


France ... Francia


  • very interseting amy :) and nice new pic :0 - 00b6f46c Nov 5, 2010 flag
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