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He oído que en Inglés hay muchas maneras de decir hola correcta? En español todo lo que tenemos es uno. Me pregunto si esto es verdad y Inglés es mejor que español? LOL gracias gente¡¡¡¡¡

¿Hello, is there way to speak hello more then one? thank you.

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How's things?

What's up?

How are you doing?

What's cooking?

Of course you can say the following:

Good morning

Good afternoon.

Good evening.

Good night is almost always = goodbye.

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This user got a little over-enthusiastic last night and is no longer with us.

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sí puedes decir: Hello Hi Hey Yo (cuando personas hablan en argot) Sup (es como "what is up" o que pasa)

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It depends on how literal-minded you want to be. 'Hola!' is a greeting, pure and simple and the only real equivalents [that come to mind] in English are 'Hello!' and 'Hi!') It doesn't ask after ones health/news/changes. It doesn't, in fact ask for any additional information.

Of course, the common alternatives, "¿Qué tal?", "¿Cómo estás?", "¿Quebole?", "¿Qué honda?", etc. etc. are not real questions anymore than the English equivalents ("Howdy" [How do you do?], "What's up?", "What's new?", "How's it goin'?") which are real questions (grammatically) but in their use do not ask real questions. They are simply ways of recognizing/acknowledging the presence/non-stranger status of the other person.

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Hola y bienvenido al foro!

Algunos saludos en inglés:



Hey there!

How are you?

Nice to meet you!

Pleasure to meet you!

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En Texas y otros estados del sur "Howdy."

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Wo'cha cock/mate! (I don't know if anyone still says that but they did when I was younger, living in Essex)

Around here it's quite common to hear:

(I'll try to spell them phonetically for Español! However ' is a glottal stop!)

Wo'chaptu? - what are you up to?

Oraít? - are you alright?

There is often no 'hello' 'good morning' etc said before these greetings.

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