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I'm looking for popular PC video games with text and audio in Spanish. If the Spanish audio were also transcribed that would be nice.

For language learning purposes I guess role playing genre is the most suitable one but there may be others as well.

I have played a Spanish version of the Dragon Age:Origins but to my disappointment Spanish language was limited to text only and in the English audio -> Spanish transcription-text the implementation was not very good. Only the final sentences of the discussions were automatically, and with long delay, displayed. Other sentences had to be searched from separate diary pages.

Any recommendations?

  • Posted Oct 31, 2010
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  • Interesting idea. I also mastered English by playing videogames. I'm still searching for a Spanish version of Dragon Warrior games - S1r_Wakka Oct 31, 2010 flag

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That is a good idea, though I dont know of any, you could try finding one of your favorite video games you've mastered and getting the spanish version. Hope this helps smile

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I've heard of many people that learned English from playing video games. Many of these people are fluent. I would love to see some Spanish games to help with my learning. If anyone finds any good ones, let me us all know. Gracias.

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Try Playing Assassins Creed, they all have audio in Spanish!

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My first game in spanish was Age of Mythology. It's an RTS originally in english, but I also got it in spanish., so not as much talking really being done in-game, but the many cut-scenes in between are in spanish. Additionally, in-game, when some alert is being given out like 'we're being attacked', that is done in spanish. What else..ahh, when you're playing in the interface, selecting buildings and units, they are all in spanish as well, so you'll have to learn some words that you've probably never had to learn before like 'armas de asedio', etc.

You're right though in that some sort of role-playing game would be the best, where they talk a lot more. If they had 'Sam & Max' in spanish audio, that would be awesome.

Let me know of any other games you come across as I'd be interested as well!


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