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My doctor gave me a prescription for testovital and testosterona..Are they the same. I went to several pharmacys and they did not have the testovital?

  • Posted Oct 29, 2010
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Ask your pharmacist or look it up on the internet. Testosterone has several brand names that are different depending on the country. In the US there's Androderm and Androgel. Also there's an injectable on too. Testovital sounds like a brand name for a herbal product.

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At this link, I think what I am reading is that "testovital" would be the brand name and "testosterona" would be the generic name. So they would be two names for the same thing.

Presumably any product that was:
Gel; Cutánea; Testosterona Micronizada 1% (Micronized Testosterone Cutaneous Gel 1%) would work.

Edited to add, from the site:

Nombre comercial del producto: Testovital

Farmacéuticos que contienen ingredientes activos de marca y genéricos relacionados con drogas, medicamentos u otros productos para el cuidado de la salud:

Testosterona Micronizada

Testovital formularios disponibles, la composición, las dosis:

Gel; Cutánea; Testosterona Micronizada 1%

Testovital destino | categoría:



Additional link: Testovital

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no, testosterona is a hormone!

testovital is the brand name for a vitamin,

  • Am I misinterpreting the site then? - Stadt Oct 29, 2010 flag
  • I see testovital forte on the web as a vitamin, testovital gynopharm as the testosterone preparation - Stadt Oct 29, 2010 flag
  • Testovital Forte is an extraordinary revitalizing product, formulated with 22 herbs and nutrients. I think you should try something else - mediterrunio Oct 29, 2010 flag
  • But if you look at testovital made by gynopharm it is a hormone replacement, and on a single prescription (the way he is describing it) they typically put the brand and generic names both on the prescription (at least they do in the US). - Stadt Oct 29, 2010 flag
  • I see, but they are not the same, right? - mediterrunio Oct 29, 2010 flag
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Like Bob said, ask your pharmacist or your doctor. It is better to discuss it with some one who knows about the subject, we can try to help you, but we are not health professionals.

Good luck.

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