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what does El mean in spanish.......

cause my family is not understanding. my home work at all..

well I have perrmission from my parents.

  • Posted Oct 25, 2010
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  • El usually is used when talking about a boy or a man. Sometimes it is used when talking about something that is considered masculine. A lot of words are either masculine or feminine so they have el or la in front of them. http://www.salemdentistry.net/wp - jleavitt84 Apr 11, 2014 flag

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El can mean "the" in front of a masculine nown. Also when it has an accent, it means "he". él. Good luck with your Spanish!

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All nouns in Spanish are generally either masculine or feminine.

The definite article in Spanish (In English - "the") depends on the gender of the noun.

For masculine noun it is el and for feminine noun it is la

Please go through this reference article for more details.

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