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How do you say ''stupid in love'' (Rihanna's song , you know?)in spanish?

  • Posted Oct 25, 2010
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6 Answers

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Welcome to teh forum, billie, we would say:

Locamente enamorado/a

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''Tonta/tonto enamorada/o''?

We could say:

Enamorada como una tonta

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Locamente enamorada means madly in love. Stupid in love means having made bad choices about partners.

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It could be "torpe en el amor". What it could be that you are not successful in love (no tener éxito en el amor).

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If she is saying she is dumb as far as love how about something like 'soy tonta en cuanto al amor' ???

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I have seen your answers but what do you say about ''Tonta/tonto enamorada/o''? Does it make sence?...

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