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Please hurry... this is for a school assignment snake

  • Posted Oct 21, 2010
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I like to play videogames, esta frase en ingles al traducirla al español es: Me gusta jugar videojuegos.

I like to play videogames=Me gusta jugar videojuegos.

espero les sirva.

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Sure! All schools are desperate to get their students to learn from Spanish learning web pages how to say that! That's the dream of all teacher, especially those who hope to get students to learn Spanish.

Let's hurryyyyyy!

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My recommendation is that you go to the translation feature, enter what you want translated, press the English to Spanish button, look at the answers it gives you (it provides answers from 3 different computer translators), and pick the one that sounds best. If you are not sure whether any are correct, or whether one is better than another, then post here for help in improving the answer. No one will do your homework for you, but someone might help you if you make the initial effort.

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