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quisiera saber si hay algun abecedario en ingles

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Mira, justo acabo de recoger mucha información para niños para este año, y una cosa es el abecedario en inglés, con audio y prácticas, te va a gustar.


  • He estado jugando con eso en vez de hacer mis deberes... (-.-" y la verdad es que me he divertido xDD - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Hello Mou and welcome to the SpanishDict forum grin

Please can you clarify what you are asking/wanting to know smile I am a little confused by your lack of supporting information rolleyes confused

Are you looking for help with translating your phrase above, or simply wanting to know whether there is an English Alphabet?

If you are asking for help with translations, we encourage people here to have a go at writing their own translation and then posting it here and then people will be pleased to offer corrections, guidance and advice.

We look forward to helping you grin

  • My guess is that he is asking if we have a basic lesson on the English alphabet here, I have been looking, but not able to find one yet. - Stadt Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Si vas a YouTube y escribes abedcerio inglés en la caja puedes encontrar videos sobre como pronunciar el abecedario inglés. No hay lecciones sobre el abecedario en este sito,

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