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I would be grateful if you provide me the answer grin

  • Maybe you could spell it "what's up" so Spanish speakers don't think "watsup" is the proper spelling. - benweck Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • I edited for spelling and punctuation. We have Spanish students learning English here. Welcome to the forum, Sharks! - sanlee Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Thanks, Actually l'm a native Spanish speaker learning English here! - aLICIA562 May 20, 2013 flag

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They don't exactly say, "watsup" (what's up).

You could say, ¿Qué onda? . That's a pretty cool way to say it, though it's more Mexican than worldwide.

¿Qué tal? is pretty universal.

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¿que pasa? (en Colombia)

¿que mas?

¿que haces?

¿que bolá? (en Cuba)

¿como va?

just a few to get started with. not so sure about the last one.

  • Those are great alterntives, just don't forget your accents! :) - Stardust2212 Oct 17, 2010 flag
  • lo se, pero soy perzoso. jaja lo siento - freshtunez Oct 19, 2010 flag
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¿Qué pasa contigo tío?

  • That's good too, but don't forget your tildes. qué / tío - Goyo Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Ok, fixed, thanks. - lagartijaver Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Muy guay. Me gusta eso (uno). Tal vez, lo usaré ;) - Goldie_Miel Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Que tal?

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Here's another one:

¿Qué hay de nuevo?

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¿Qué tal? (Most proper/ common)

¿Qué paso? (Most common)

¿Qué onda? (Mexican)

¿Qué es la que hay? (Puerto Rican)

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Another option:

¿Qué hubo?

  • And in Mexico: ¿Quihubo? or ¿Quihúbole? - LuisCache May 3, 2011 flag
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Just to throw the 'literal' option out there....

What's up = What is up = ....

Qué es arriba? (jeje)

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Ha,ha,ha There are so many! Is your job to pick one or use all of them!

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Another one is ¿Qué te cuentas?

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I like '¿Qué dices?'

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¿que onda?

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loooool... ;p

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Only in Mexico, but rather vulgar:

¿Qué transa?

¿Qué pez? ¿Qué pex? (pez or pex is used instead of pedo, fart)

¿Qué hubo? (O ¿quihubo? ¿quihúbole?)

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apoyo is just sup itself

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