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This question was launched by our good friend Loa, who has been helping a lot on this site, in her nice and quiet waysmile

my boyfriend will be 27 in a few days and I don't know what to buy for his birthday (real fact, any advice appreciated jeje). "Estoy por comprarle una camiseta": I don't know if he will like, but I think it's not a bad present.

I was suprised to see this was her first question, so all the reputation points she has , and they are quite numerous, considering, she all got them by answering questions!! I would like to give her a special thanks, as this is quite unusual and it shows that there are many people who help a lot and are not so well known.

So, I am asking this question for her...in any case, I would like to get some original ideas, ladies and gentlemen, let's not go with ties or shirts, come one...something really weird or unusualwink

  • Posted Oct 16, 2010
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  • And please correct her English, she is a Spanish native, not much to correct, but...;) - 00494d19 Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • I'm feeling quite embarrased about having a thread on me... jeje Thank you Heidita, you're awesome :D - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • It's not on you, Loa, it's on your boyfriend! So kickback and have fun with it! - LateToDinner Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • jejeje, lateto, funny - 00494d19 Oct 16, 2010 flag

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How about this:

¿Le gustan las gafas de sol? A mí me encantan, eso sería un buen regalo. Unas de Rayban...chica, tienes unos modelos tan chulos!!! Ademàs sería fuera de lo común.

  • That's always a good choice, Raybans are pergect especially if you live in Spain. - lagartijaver Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • No había pensando en unas gafas, no es mala idea.Lo malo es que siempre me meto con él diciéndole que donde vive (en Burgos) no deben conocer lo que es el sol... jeje - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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It depends on what kind of guy he is, obviously. If he likes gadgets, then you can select from the traditional Swiss Army knife to computer related stuff, a flash drive, an iphone.

Music? then a really good mp3 player.

Clothes are always dodgy. Perhaps something extra special like a beautifully made soft leather shoulder bag or wallet?

Hmm, it's quite difficult especially without knowing what kind of guy he is so I'll leave it there.

  • I don't know it myself... jeje But those are not bad ideas, thank you :P - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Oooo,Shoulder bag??? Personally, I that would be better left for him to buy. - Yeser007 Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Different cultures, Yesero. - LateToDinner Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Si le gusta leer puedes comprarle un libro; - un CD con su musica preferida: - unos billetes en el concierto de su grupo musical preferido - productos de cuidado personal - algo personalizado - algo sexy para ti y que lo disfrutes:no voy a entrar en detalles

  • Mm... me gusta la idea del libro, es un ávido lector :D ¡¡gracias!! ^^ - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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This little jar contains the ingredients to make a perfect man and it comes with a booklet of instructions.

If your man is already perfect, you will not need it. Just pass it along to a friend. lol

Perfect Man Jar Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Wel... I think he is good enough, I don't think I need that jar, but I'd like to see what the ingredients are... :P - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Here is a link with lots of great suggestions for gifts for men:

link text

  • Wow, some of them ae really original... thank you ^^ - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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el coche smile

MY  XMAS  GIFT  TO  ME  HA HE Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Un Coche???! nOt much to ask for lol :) Who wouldn't like a new car? lol - FELIZ77 Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • And if you have enough left over, I would like one, too! - LateToDinner Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • You can't take it with you, Feliz! jeje - Brynleigh Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • I am sure it will be a better deal if 2 are bought at the same time, Late! - Brynleigh Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Even if I had money (and I don't: no job = no money), we've been going out for a few months... I think it's too early for a car... jejeje - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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It depends on his interests Loa....

But, since he is your boyfriend (I assume you guys know each other for a long time), you can give him personalized gifts... You can print a happy and memorable picture of you two in a T shirt. These are cost effective and kind of intimate. Else you can arrange for a candle light dinner.

alt text

Recently I gifted my friend 25 gifts on her birthday. I hid them in different places and gave her the first clue. It included from teether to a birthday dress to a birthday cake. You can try this if he likes adventure.

  • I like the idea for giving the presents, it really original :P Thank you ^^ - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • It IS really original ;) - 009b0176 Oct 16, 2010 flag
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You can record a video for him! I have a good idea, and I'm going to do it for my best friend.

First you need to write your real feelings about him. 10-15 sentences. Then you need to go down the street and ask some people to say one word of that page and say "Happy Birthday!", then you organize them with a movie maker program or something you use. But I think , it's better if you say the last sentence.. Then you add those "Happy Birthday!" wishes and in the end your own words for him. smile

It's just a different idea. Because I don't know, actually I don't wait for a birthday to buy something to someone I love. Whenever you see a nice thing you can buy it to him. But this is a different thing. Sometimes breaking the ordinariness is good! smile

  • That's very original (although people might disapprove of me... but who cares? :P). Thank you!! ^^ - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • you are welcome!! :) hehe yes who cares?? :) - culé Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Yes Great Idea :) - FELIZ77 Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • thanks!!! :) - culé Oct 17, 2010 flag
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The best present would be to affirm your love for him.

  • oh, and now with a picture, yeah, get lost! jeje, hey, go look at the mystery sentence....that will make you think, oh, chat tonight, dont forget - 00494d19 Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Perhaps some sweet candy?candy Pictures, Images and Photos

I love you Pictures, Images and PhotosValentine's Day bear Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Mm.. I should learn to cook to bake them myself... :P By the way... what does "IMZ14U" mean? I can figure out the rest, but not that one =S - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Loa, can you give us an idea of his interests, is he an outdoorsman? Computer buff? Scuba Diver?(Of course I'm going to ask that one)smile Anything that might help us help you.

  • I don't know... yes, he's and outdoorsman (I like that word! jeje), he likes reading and travelling... - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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How about a few handmade gift certificates that he can "cash in", such as:

This certificate is good for one homemade dinner of [favorite food].

This certificate is good for a foot massage.

This certificate is good for a pan of brownies [a loaf of banana bread, a jar of homemade jam...]

This certificate is good for an afternoon in the park [at the beach, in the country...]

These are just samples, of course, and depending on the guy, there are lots of variations you can come up with.

  • I'm a big fan of GCs, but wouldn't have expected it to be universally popular ... are they in vogue in Europe as well? - LateToDinner Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • That looks fun! (and I've learnt what a GC is, since it was a band for me jejeje) Thank you! ^^ - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Estoy de accuerdo con las ídeas del libro, CD o billetes para un concierto grin

Si sabes sobre sus pasatiempos puedes, quizás, hacer coincidir sus ídeas sobre regalos con sus pasatiempos para que le compres un regalo apropriado grin

Espero que te sirva bien grin tongue wink

Corregid mi español, por favor grin

  • Sí, desde luego es una buena idea :P ¡gracias! ^^ - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • *las *ideas ... // ... (para que) *le compres ... // ... que te *sirva... ^^ - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Muchas gracias por tus correciones Loa :) - FELIZ77 Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Loa,quería decir "so that..."en español por ese razón escribé 'asi que' en lugar de para que pero me corregí con 'para que' le compres - FELIZ77 Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • ¿Por qué no debo usar así que por favor? Por favor me quieres explicar :-) - FELIZ77 Oct 16, 2010 flag
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A Segway is a nice gift!

Eric and Brian On Segway Ride June 2009 Pictures, Images and Photos

  • Mm.. I haven't seen of those in his city... but I'll think it over for a next time ^^ thank you! :P - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Not sure about that one. Google "Segway owner". - fontanero Oct 16, 2010 flag
  • Yes, that is unfortunate! The Segways are fun though! - Brynleigh Oct 16, 2010 flag
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Buy him a gitar smilealt text

Or maybe a bottle of whiskey ? rolleyesjajajaalt text

  • Mm... I don't know if getting him drunk is a good idea... jejeje but thanks! ^^ - LoaEtayo Oct 16, 2010 flag
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