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How do you say "I am doing homework" in Spanish?

  • Posted Oct 13, 2010
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  • estoy haciendo mi tarea = i am doing my homework - fluffyjenny Aug 16, 2012 flag

3 Answers

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Estoy haciendo mi tarea. = I am doing my homework.

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Las tareas are actually chores, tasks. Students' chores or tasks are homework, but if a woman discusses her "tareas," it means housework. It generally means things that you don't want to do.

A classier way to discuss your homework or chores is to call them, "deberes," the things I should do.

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You should only say:

Estoy haciendo mis deberes = I am doing my homework

if you are actually doing the homework at the (same) time that you are saying the words.

For example:

Your mum asks "¿Qué haces (ahora)?"= "What are you doing (now)?"

so you reply: "Estoy haciendo mis deberes" = I am doing my homwork.

The reason for this is that the spanish natives only the present progressive tense using the present participle: 'haciendo' to descibe an action that is taking place at the time The English use present participles (gerunds) much more frequently than the Spanish.

The Spanish would use an infinitive eg nadar = to swim to translate this sentence:

I like to go swimming: = Me gusta ir a nadar (I like to swim = Me gusta nadar)

I hope this helps grin

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