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How do you say I am short, because I thought bajo was short but it keeps telling me corto.

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I see that you are taking advantage of the learning opportunites here on SpanishDict. You are more than welcome to ask your question here on the forum, but please remember that it must be written using proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling. I will fix it for you this time, but please remember it for next time.

I can see where your confusion might have come in, as both words mean short. However:

Corto means short in length or duration

Bajo means short in stature

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La pelicula es muy corta(short in duration) La navaja era muy corta.(short in length) Este chico es corto (not clever,silly) Yo soy corto(silly,stupid person) Cuando me corto con la navaja me hago una herida.(when I cut with..)I hurt myself Cuando conocí a Isabel me quedé cortado a causa de mi timidez.(without words) Tomás es muy bajo.Solo mide 1,65 metros.(short in stature) El avion volaba muy bajo. Su coeficiente intelectual es bajo. El boxeador me dió un golpe bajo. Espero haber sido de ayuda.

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And chaparrito - means 'shorty' smile (at least in some spanish speaking places)

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