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Como puedo aprender el acento argentino?Se trata de la pronunciacion que es tan unica y tan amable.

  • Posted Oct 11, 2010
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¿Estas seguro que queres hablar con acento Argentino? . Bueno, a ver si esto te sirve, maestro. lo encontre en youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCjVGebyp24

  • That's actually pretty clear speech for the most part, nice one. :) - galsally Oct 15, 2010 flag
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

I would suggest renting movies from Argentina and studying the accent. I tend to find that the speech is too fast for me to understand completely.

I wonder also if you could find a tutor or student that lives in Argentina on Skype that would help you work on your accent.

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Hi, I agree with the previous posters. You should listen to videos with them talking or practice with an Argentinean in person or via Skype. You may even be able to ask any Spanish speaker that has come in contact with someone from Argentina what it is that makes their (the Argentineans') accent distinct. I also want to suggest to you this site: http://www.laits.utexas.edu/spe/index.html . It offers videos of native Spanish speakers speaking about various topics in a natural, relaxed way. They even specify which countries they come from, so you can go directly to the Argentineans to listen to how they certain pronounce words. Don't worry, they also include transcipts in both English and Spanish, so that you won't be complete lost.

I hope this helps smile

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Here are a couple helpful resources. There are tons more on the internet.



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Sometimes I have a hard time understanding Argentines because they speak very fast at times. They sound to me like they're speaking spanish words with an Italian accent. Is there any particular reason thay you wnat to speak with an Argentine accent? All you need to do is slur your y's and ll's, and use vos. Mayo is maysho, etc.

  • This is the best accent of spanish to me.I love it.I watched a series La Pecera de Eva and there is one mate from Argentina.His way of speaking made me get interested in rioplatense. - zbyszek2809 Oct 16, 2010 flag
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you can also buy a rioplatense dictionary to catch their lingo to go with the accent. one of the most noticable traits of their accent is the sound they make on 'll' in words. it makes a sound like 'zh' or a 'j' as the french pronounce it, for example caballo is pronounced cabazho. this can be heard also with the letter 'y' sometimes like 'yo' pronounced as 'zho'

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You can start by hanging around los porteños day in and day out 24/7. Listen to the radio and watch argentinian programs on the tv.

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Muchas personas en Argentina usan otro dialecto. Se llama "rioplatense". Una diferencia principal es voseo: en lugar de "tú", usan la palabra "vos" y las conjugaciónes para la segunda persona son diferentes. Voseo es un vestigio del castellano antiguo porque, originalmente, había ambos "tú" y "vos".

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Que yo sepa, "vos"es más o menos como tú pero en vez de tú eres se dice vos sos, y los mandatos son diferentes. Por ejemplo, se dice andáte en vez de vete, sentáte en vez de siéntate, hablá en vez de habla, esperá en vez de espera etc. También se usa vos en Guatemala, Colombia, y Bolivia entre buenos amigos y familia. Nunca lo oído en méxico. Hay un porteño en el foro que nos podamos ayudar?

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I meant to say nunca lo he oído en méxico, sorry

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