Conmigo, contigo, o consigo, which one to use? | SpanishDict Answers
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Have a question about the word I use in "quotation marks." Is that the correct word? I am trying to use conmigo, contigo, or consigo. Please correct me if I have chosen the incorrect words.

Ya estamos otra vez, Sara. ¿Por qué siempre tengo que estar "contigo" ? ¡Nunca lo pasamos bien juntos!

Yo no quiero salir (4) contigo , ¡el problema es que papá no quiere que yo salga sola! Así que si no salgo (5) "contigo", ¡no salgo nunca!

¿Olivia? A ella sólo le gusta estar (6) "contigo" misma. Se aburre con los demás.


  • Posted Oct 11, 2010
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3 Answers

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The first two, conmigo and contigo, are used all of the time.

Consigo, not so much. Many times you will see, "con ella" or "con el."

You can plug words like this into the dictionary and see what it says.

Click here to see what it says about conmigo.

  • Thankyou for the con ella or con el with consigo, that helped a great deal! - rcmango Oct 12, 2010 flag
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Contigo means with you (tú)

Conmigo means with me

Consigo means with him/her/it/them

this should help you work out which one you need where smile

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Conmigo = with me Contigo = with you Consigo = with he/she/it

  • Thanks, for the consigo = he she it, he/she is what i needed. - rcmango Oct 12, 2010 flag
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