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for example I've got a perfect job for me. Lucky you!

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I've often heard the phrase "¡¿Quién como tú!?" to express the idea of "Lucky you!"

Also, "Tienes suerte." would be "You're lucky." or "¡Qué suerte!" for "What luck!"

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¡Qué suerte la tuya!

  • I like that. It sounds more genuine than quién como tú, more excited than tienes suerte, and more specific than qué suerte :) - alba3 Oct 10, 2010 flag
  • Gracias para la ayuda! - xentuk Oct 16, 2010 flag
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The site has a wonderful "Translation" section that will allow you to input the exact phrase and obtain the English translation. At the top of the screen, select translation and then input the phrase in the box. Next, hit the Spanish to English button and it will spit out the English translation. Try it, it's great!!


  • That is a great tool. Unfortunately, it does not always give the best answer that some would like to use. For example - "lucky you" ends up "afortunado usted" and that is way more formal than the intended. - mcfairy Jan 31, 2011 flag
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