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i am looking to name a resturant

what does el toretto mean

  • Posted Oct 9, 2010
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3 Answers

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Hello, and welcome to the forum! smile

It looks like Italian to me. Spanish doesn't go in for the double consonants much. (With some exceptions. There is a double L. Not Ts, though.)

Okay, I looked it up in an Italian-English dictionary, and didn't find anything, so maybe it's not Italian.

In Spanish, there is el torete, which means 'little bull.' But the restaurant probably knows how to spell its own name.

I did see that there was a California restaurant called El Torito. That also means 'little bull'.

Sorry to not be of more help.

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maybe it´s El torero

Italian would be il toretto, which is a horse breed.

And Dominic Toretto is one of The fast and the furious main characters.

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