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ayuda con oraciones q t enseñen componer verbos .pronombres adjetivos y sustantivos

Necesito mas gramaticas y vocabularios

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Hi and welcome to the forum.

I'm not quite sure what it is that you're asking. Can you put it in English?

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Hi Loira here is the explanation for a Pronouns
Sorry it is all in English your profile says you are fluent in Spanish
A pronoun takes the place of a noun in a sentence.

In English there are seven different kinds of pronouns.

The personal pronoun takes the place of a specific or named person or thing. 1

Personal pronouns come in three different cases: nominative, objective, and possessive.

The reflexive pronoun adds information by pointing back to a noun or another pronoun. 2

The intensive pronoun adds emphasis to a noun or pronoun. 3

The demonstrative pronoun points out a specific person, place, or thing. 4

The relative pronoun begins a subordinate clause and relates the clause to a word in the main clause. 5

The interrogative pronoun is used to ask a question. 6

The personal interrogative pronouns come in the same three cases as the personal pronouns. 7

Indefinite pronouns refer to persons, places, or things without specifying for certain which one.

If this is useful I can do the other grammatical terms you asked about.

Let me know ok?

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Hi again. If you are looking for grammar reference explanantions for English you will need to go to another website. Try B B C .co.uk or About.com

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