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have been getting alot of different translations for....... friends are for life and family are forever ......

  • Posted Oct 5, 2010
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amigos son para la vida y la familia son para siempre I would translate that as 'friends are for life and family is for ever.' Isn't the Spanish tense wrong - should be 'la familia es para siempre.??...

  • Yes, 'familia' is definitely singular. - MacFadden Oct 5, 2010 flag
  • Maybe "Los amigos..." ? - KevinB Oct 5, 2010 flag
  • still confused which one is it and whats the difference between ,amigos and los amigos ? - hindy Oct 5, 2010 flag
  • la familia is singular so singular verb - 'es' - margaretbl Oct 6, 2010 flag
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"los amigos son para toda la vida y la familia para siempre" Bye

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A similar phrase to this with which I am familiar is 'You can choose your friends but not your family', but I think this is very British.

  • Una frase semejante a esta (abajo) con que estoy enterado de es ' Puede elegir sus amigos sino su familia', pero creo que esta sea una frase muy británica.

  • My spanish version here appears very stilted. I would appreciate corrections,thanks.

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