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Dile a la mañana que se acerca mi sueño que lo que se espera con paciencia se logra nueve horas a París viajé sin saberlo y crucé por Rusia con escala en tu boca

I think it says "Tell the morning that approaches my dream that what you await (hope for?) you will achieve with patience. 9 hours to Paris, I went without knowing and I crossed through Russia with the ladder (possibly with a stopover on a flight?) in your mouth.

I'm curious about "se espera" and "se logra" I assume they are "you await (or hope)" as in "one awaits" and "one achieves" like se habla = one speaks Spanish.

  • Posted Oct 3, 2010
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"Tell the morning that my dream is approaching,

that what you patiently hope for, you end up getting.

Nine hours to Paris I went without knowing,

and I crossed through Russia with a stop over in your mouth."

That carries the meaning of the lyrics, though I'm not so sure about the wording in English ^^

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My suggestion is only to change the order, Jeezz, and to delete the por in "crucé por Rusia"

Dile a la mañana que se mi sueño se acerca

que lo que se espera se logra con paciencia.

sin saberlo viajé a París nueve horas

y atravesé Rusia con escala en tu boca.


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