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How would I say handsome man in spanish? Or what is something sexy or complimentary to a guy?

  • Posted Oct 1, 2010
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  • lol - little_anna Oct 1, 2010 flag
  • jajajaja, you are a handsome little Gekko! lol - Brynleigh Oct 1, 2010 flag
  • Su grandeza sólo es superado por su valor -- :-) - pesta Oct 11, 2010 flag
  • @ Pesta: Eso también, claro. ¡Pero guapísimo, además! :-) - Gekkosan Oct 11, 2010 flag
  • OMG..vote! - Yeser007 Oct 11, 2010 flag
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Hi K, welcome to the forum, you can double click each word and there is your answer!

  • I have been here 8 months and did not know about the double clicky thingy, Wowww. - ray76 Oct 2, 2010 flag
  • Haha, Isn't it great Ray? Spread the word!!! - margaretbl Oct 2, 2010 flag
  • It took me a while before I stumbled on that too. What's more, after double clicking. you can single click on the word and it will take you to the definition of the word. - 00d7cd75 Oct 12, 2010 flag
  • Wow! Loving the double-click feature! - jaynescarman Oct 12, 2010 flag
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Guapo is the closest translation, but unlike handsome in English, you can also use the feminine form, guapa, for females. Some other related terms are: bello/bella (pronounced without the spanish ll) or hermoso/hermosa for beautiful, lindo/linda for lovely, bonito/bonita for pretty.

The handsome man would be "el hombre guapo."

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guapo is handsome, thats the word for sure smile

  • What is a good statement to say to a guy you are interested in, in spanish? He speaks english and some spanish, but thinks spanish is sexy. - ksinger7 Oct 1, 2010 flag
  • You can say "¡Ay! ¡Estás muy bueno!" which would pretty much mean you think he's physically attractive. The word for sexy is just sexy so you could also say ¡Qué sexy eres! - benweck Oct 1, 2010 flag
  • Maybe you could go to a bookstore and get one of those "Don't read this" Spanish books. lol - benweck Oct 1, 2010 flag
  • Dpn't read this haha, funny - dewclaw Oct 2, 2010 flag
  • Actually, I think it's supposed to be "Hide this Spanish book." I always see them in the Spanish section and laugh. - benweck Oct 6, 2010 flag
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Also: Bien parecido. (Good looking).

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  • Now that is downright sexist and i am totaly disgusted,, but I like iiiittt. It is an old photo of me though I have matured somewhat since. - ray76 Oct 2, 2010 flag
  • jajaja; you know handsome men like to be admired! - Brynleigh Oct 2, 2010 flag
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guapo, chulo, bonito, bello

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Ive been told : Buenmozo, bien parecido, guapo.. cool smile cool smile

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guapo(handsome) macizo(for he),maciza (for she)(has a sculpted body) tio bueno(very handsome) Bien parecido (very formal)

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Would this work? Está caliente - He is hot raspberry

  • that means "He is horny". - kwesiquest Oct 12, 2010 flag
  • This is a nice example of why we don't want to merely translate from an English idiom. ;-) - pesta Oct 12, 2010 flag
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