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Is there a particular word for "CUTE" in Spanish??

Thank you

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Hi, Shobna.

Please put your question directly into the title, which makes it easier for the reader to know what you are asking.

"Cute" can be different things depending on where you are --

I have heard "chulo" "lindo" and "precioso" ..this is for a cute baby, puppy, etc.

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We just had a thread recently where "mona" was used for cute (when referring to small children)". I think it refers more to when they do something "wasn't that cute?" rather than their physical appearance.

From the R A E dictionary:

  1. adj. coloq. Dicho especialmente de los niños y de las cosas pequeñas y delicadas: Bonito, lindo, gracioso.
  • In Perul I used to teach a little girl whose nickname was Mona! She was very cute but also quite cheeky. I thought she was maybe given the nickname because she was a "cheeky little monkey"! :) - amy_moreno Sep 28, 2010 flag
  • As a nickname, "Mona" is mostly used for girls with the name "Ramona," "Queti - Enriqueta," "Chelo - Consuelo," etc. - JulianChivi Sep 28, 2010 flag
  • I use the word Linda /lindo to refer to how cute children are as, for example: ¡Qué linda ..la niña ! - FELIZ77 Sep 28, 2010 flag
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For "cute" as in "sweet" in Peru we would say "lindo/a" or "bonito/a".

For "cute" as in "good looking", we would usually say "guapo/a".


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Someone (a native) once told me the word was "rico". I thought it meant "rich" but I looked it up in the dictionary and it apparently can mean "cute" also (as in a child or a puppy).

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