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I want to translate a Boy Scout recruiting flyer from English to Spanish.

I want to say:

Camping, Climbing, Hiking, Biking, Kayaking, Rafting, and much more!

  • Posted Sep 25, 2010
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  • Camping, Escalada, senderismo, bicicleta, kayak, rafting, y mucho más! - sanlee Sep 26, 2010 flag

7 Answers

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Depends on where you want to say it. "Acampar" is one common way, but not the only one.

  • The flyer will be read in San Diego, California by mostly Spanish speakers from Mexico. - Victoriaasks Sep 25, 2010 flag
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The link is for another discussion with the same question and I like acampada the best {a noun}.

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I may suggest you: - Acampar - Alpinismo - Senderismo - Ciclismo - canoísmo - navegar por rápidos (rafting is a very common word, though), and much more!


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Could someone help with this question? I got:

Camping, escalada, senderismo, bicicleta, kayak, rafting, y mucho más!

Could one of the native speakers check this, please?

Thank you.

  • Sanlee Paralee has Senderismo as hiking and my Oxford Spanish Dictionary has the word meaning hiking,( or) treking - FELIZ77 Sep 26, 2010 flag
  • Sanlee, Cycling is Ciclismo :) All the rest look correct ::) - FELIZ77 Sep 26, 2010 flag
  • Gracias, Feliz - sanlee Sep 26, 2010 flag
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Para ir de campo, también.

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  1. m. Deporte consistente en la competición de dos o más piraguas, movidas a remo por sendos piragüistas, que pueden ir sentados o de rodillas.

Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

Not quite sure if this is kayaking or canoeing. Seems to cover everything from canoeing, kayaking or even sculling.

alt text

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