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how do you say "too much" in Spanish? I think demasiado is too strong. I want to say "I added too much salt". Or "there is too much salt"

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También se puede decir: "Le puse mucha sal", implicando que se uso más sal de la necesaria.

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Welcome to the forum. Demasiado is what I would use - Agregué/Hay demasiada sal. Demasiado is a very common word. I'm not aware of one that means "too much" but not as much as "demasiado".

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As Kevin says, demasiado would be the most commonly used. Other options: eché/tiene sal de más or even me pasé con la sal (meaning there was a maximum of salt that you could add and you crossed that line)

  • I like that Loa! It's a little like me saying 'You overdid it with the salt', I think. :) - galsally Sep 26, 2010 flag
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Le eché bastante sal.

  • "Bastante" does not imply too much. It is more like "enough" - Mokay Sep 26, 2010 flag
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