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Hello! I want to order something from a spanish site and there is a question about "NIF/CIF". What is that? Thank you!

  • Posted Sep 23, 2010
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I found this from a Google search:

If you have made any enquiries at all about moving to Spain or buying property here, you will almost certainly have heard about Nif and Nie numbers. Used by many estate agents and UK property sales companies as the very reason you could not possibly manage without their help they are in fact simply numbers which identify you. If you move to Spain or buy property here you will require one of these and a description of what they are follows:

NIE (Número de Identidad/Identificación de Extranjero) his number is issued to all foreigners once they obtain residency and will appear on their Residency Card. This is their identification number in Spain and is required in order to file taxes, establish a business, open a bank account,etc.

NIF (Número de Identificación Fiscal): This is the tax ID number for all individuals. For Spaniards, it’s the DNI plus one letter; for foreigners, it’s the same number as your NIE. Once you have an NIE, you do not need to re-apply for an NIF

CIF (Certificado de Identificación Fiscal): This is the the same as the NIF, but for companies.

  • N I F sounds like our T I N (tax identification number) in the US. - 0074b507 Sep 23, 2010 flag
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Número de identificación fiscal

Cédula de identificación fiscal....company tax code

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