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I know that "-ísimo(a)" is supposed to be added to the end of Spanish adjectives for superlatives, but I'm not sure how bonita is supposed to look...

  • Posted Sep 19, 2010
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The absolute superlative is: muy bonita

The relative superlative is la más bonita.

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I would not do superlative form of bonita. I would either say "la mas bonita" or "lindisima"

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Normally you would, but not in the case of "bonita", as "bonitísima" sounds cringeworthy. Instead of adding -ísimo/-ísima, just add the word "muy" in front: "muy bonita", or choose another adjective that has a more emphatic meaning than "bonita", like "preciosa" or "hermosa".

  • Hi there. Where is your Spanish from? Rather than using bonitísima to someone's face, would it still sound cringeworthy if an excited friend was enthusing over someone they'd just met and described them as bonitísima? Cheers, Alex - afowen Sep 19, 2010 flag
  • Spanish from Spain. And perhaps rather than just saying cringeworthy I should have just said plain incorrect. I might have heard it a few times -very few- but still, it's an incorrect expression, just as "he don't like it" - bill1111 Sep 20, 2010 flag
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Not being a native speaker, 'bonitísima' holds no particular connotation for me. I guess, you'd want to check with someone local to where you were, or local to the audience you were addressing as it may be acceptable in some places.

I live in Colombia and a while back I was invitadísmo to a pizza and glass of wine...

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