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significado de la palabra "burundanga"

  • A little context might render more useful answers ... where do you see it? - LateToDinner Sep 17, 2010 flag
  • Did the song of the same name inspire your question? Just curious. - BajolaSombra Sep 17, 2010 flag
  • Like any exotic word, I am sure there are songs, bands, and clubs so named ... - LateToDinner Sep 17, 2010 flag

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Without context, I submit: Scopolamine

estar en la burundanga, however, is something altogether different. To be in the know.

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La burundanga: it is a slang word meaning: something confusing, a mess.

¡Qué burundanga!: What a confusing mess!

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A blunder, maybe something confusing or useless.

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