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I want to write it on the whiteboard the tutoring sessions for the semester.

  • Posted Sep 17, 2010
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Clases de consulta

clases particulares

Orientación (académica)


In some places, tutoría

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I'm actually a tutor at my university. We refer to it as "tutoring" however, the Spanish verb for "to tutor" is tutorar, so "tutoring" would be tutorando. I have also heard it referred to as tutoría escolar. tutorar is taken from www.rae.es

I hope this helps!

  • "tutorear". That has to be a latin american colloquialism, it isn't even in the dictionary and I've never heard of it - bill1111 Sep 17, 2010 flag
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If by tutoring sessions you refer to the times at which students at a school or college can talk to the teacher, outside of class, it would be "horas de tutoría".

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