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I had recommended this radio station last week and a lot of interest was generated for the chance to listen to a good spanish talk radio station. One of my favorite spots is with Fernando Espuelas and his call-in audience. I loved listening to his voice which is very smooth and easy to understand but today I found out who he really is and was very surprised. He is very famous and learned and has now teamed with Hector to bring a very comical spot to the station at 5:35pm during the week. I do not understand all the spanish but I end up laughing out loud it is so funny. I will give a link so all can read about his fame and background and why after almost a year of listening I will not turn the radio over to another station.



  • Posted Sep 16, 2010
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I listen to Espuelas on 1020 on my drive home. I like his ideas and his program, though I'm not a big fan of call-in shows, in general. I find that people who call into radio shows are like people who write letters to the editor. But I like to hear Espuelas talk.

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This really is a great radio station.

Here's the link for those interested 1020 AM. Just click on the "Escucha en vivo" button.

  • It's not always great. They run infomercials all morning long trying to sell "food supplements". But Cafe Espuelas is good. - KevinB Sep 17, 2010 flag
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