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busco traduccion literaria , asi como sinificado de la palabre deja vu

  • Posted Sep 16, 2010
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It's French, meaning "already seen", and in English refers to the strange feeling one gets that something one is observing in the present has happened before.

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Free online DictionaryNoun 1. deja vu - the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred before reminder - an experience that causes you to remember something

Diccionario EspañolDÉJÀ VU. (Voces fr.) Nombre que se da, en psicología, a la impresión de haber visto ya en otra ocasión algo que en realidad se ve por primera vez.

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Some current theories propose that it happens because somehow (there are several proposals in this respect) what you feel reaches the long term memory before the brain can process it so you are aware of it, so when it does get processed (milliseconds later), you have the freaking shock of recognising it vividly from a past experience.

N.B. If people can talk about French here, surely I can talk about neuroscience, right?

P.S. "Deja vu" is not a word, but two.

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No es inglés. Pero es el sentimiento que algo esta pasando que ya habia pasado antes.

  • It is, however, widely used in English. - samdie Sep 17, 2010 flag
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