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how do i tell someone "bless you" in spanish when they sneeze?

  • Posted Sep 10, 2010
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I think I've heard the word "Salud" also being used to say "Bless you".

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You say salud in Costa Rica but in Peru you don't say anything. In the mountains the people think that when someone sneezes they are thinking of their mistress so if you say God bless you, then they will laugh at you.

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I have always said "Jesús".


Collins Dictionary - Bless you (after sneezing) - Jesús.

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I'm used to say just Jesús, but I don't know what do they say in other countries( I've never heard Dios le bendiga in this context, but it might be used somewhere).

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  • I would have problems with saying Jesús as a Practising Christain as we should not use the Lord's name in vain sO can I say "Salud" instead ? - FELIZ77 Sep 10, 2010 flag
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I use "Jesús" and "Salud" in Spain.

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Around Southern California, the most frequently heard is Salud! But even here, I have heard of Dios le bendiga. If I heard Jesús, I didn't recognize it for what it was meant - now I will listen for that, as well!

Thanks, Questions and Answers!

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For short, le bendiga is bless you. No body says god bless you , we jus bless you. So no need to say dios le bendiga, just say le bendiga (leh Ben Dee Gah)

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For multiple sneazes there's also:

Salud, Dinero y Amor! ...y tiempo para disfrutarlos

After the first sneeze it's "salud", the second, "dinero", and obviously after the third one "amor".

You can also use this as a toast (brindis).

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I believe you say -
Dios le bendiga

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It is interesting. I found one equivalent. Please don't laugh but it sounds so smile "María y José" LOL

(By the way in my country when someone sneezes we also say "True", which means that someone said or thought something that is true! ) cool smile

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in my way of speaking i say jesus (hes-us)

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You can say "Jesús" or Jesus, Maria y José". As a toadt, Spanish people say "Salud, pesetas y amor". I am a fluent speaker who has lived in Spain for 5 years and I am married to a Spaniard.

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Obviamente hay muchas variedades entre los paises. En México todo el mundo dice ¡Salud! hasta para el brindis también si no tienen nada más que decir.

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