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Which "herb" translation in Spanish should I use to refer to basil, rosemary, thyme, etc type herb?

  • Posted Sep 9, 2010
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3 Answers

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Hierba- An herb you can eat

Hortalisa- An herb used only for cooking

Hope that helps!

  • I believe you mean "Hortaliza". However, "hortaliza" is really a generic term for any sort of edible vegetable you'd grow on a garden or vegetable patch, not herbs. - Gekkosan Sep 9, 2010 flag
  • Hortaliza can also be understood to mean a garden where one would plant vegetables, etc. - Jannis Oct 21, 2013 flag
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Hello Twesely, welcome to the Forum. I assume you mean the generic: "hierba" or "yerba" if it's fresh, "especias" if they're dry or powered.

On top of the SpanishDict page you'll also find a handy dictionary where you can find translations for most of the words you may need, including the names of different herbs and spices.

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What's wrong with hierba? You could have looked that up by going to the dictionary tab and typing in "herb".

For a little etymology, try this link:

link text

Good luck, and welcome to the forum,


  • Using the word "hierba" alone can give the idea one is talking about a weed. - Jannis Oct 21, 2013 flag
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