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Hello, I study Spanish because I study diplomacy and if I learn it fluently in a year I will work in an embassy to a Spanish speaking country. I must learn it in a year. What do u think, can I learn it in a year? Or how much time it will take?

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I'd say you can do it. Not to push one product but I used Platiquemos which is mostly audio so I could do it while exercizing at the gym, cleaning the house, grocery shopping. The program is very borring but it's extremely comprehensive and gets the job done. I think I've heard six hours a day for 26 weeks will get you close to fluent. I bet if you could find three hours a day six or seven days a week you could do it. I also do all my personal reading in Spanish and only listen to Spanish news. Another thing that helped was reading books to my kids in Spanish, childeren's books are very effective at introducing you gradually to the vocabulary. Don't listen to the nonsense about needing to go to another country, sure it helps but I've never gone and I alway get comments about how beautifully I speak Spanish people always ask me what country I lived in and are amazed when I say I've never lived anywhere other than the US.

Good luck

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Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Try taking some spanish classes at the community college. This website is a great resource. You can also isten to the lectures. Also, like others said immersion is the best option when you are trying to learn that fast. Practice writing a diary in spanish, listening to the radio in spanish, reading spanish books and articles, talking in spanish...those are just a few of the things I am doing to learn. Even if you aren't 100% fluent in one year, you should have enough skills to be able to hold a simple conversation. Even in english, most people don't know every word in the dictionary. Language is a lifetime commitment, so do the best you can.

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Clearly I am borderline retarded. I have studied Monday to Friday 1 hour, 2 on Saturdays and 2 on Sundays for almost 5 years and my Spanish is, at best, very poor. I understand the subjunctive, I can read some Spanish articles, but always need Google help with new words, and I can sometimes under stand a few sentences on the television and some times nothing.

I would say that I my level is basic, at best.

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