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Quiero saber el sifnificado de la palabra "fatua"

  • Posted Sep 6, 2010
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Hi, Johnson. Welcome to the forum.

Your question doesn't make much sense in Spanish. It's probably best that you also ask your questions in English.

Here's the entry in the RAE for your word "fatua."

fatuo, tua.

(Del lat. fatŭus).

  1. adj. Falto de razón o de entendimiento. U. t. c. s.

  2. adj. Lleno de presunción o vanidad infundada y ridícula. U. t. c. s.

□ V.

fuego fatuo

Real Academia Española © Todos los derechos reservados

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If you are asking about fatua, ... foolish.

One of the nice features of this site is the translate bar at the top. If you slowly type in a word to be translated, the box shows words that are available as you are spelling them.

When you get to the point that the computer no longer suggests a choice, it usually means you have an incorrectly spelled word.

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Welcome to SpanishDict, Soto! grin

Do you mean you want the definition? Then click here (fatua) to see SpanishDict's definition.

Or do you mean, "Does it have other meanings?"

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However, if you are asking about fatwa or fatua (fetua) which is another animal entirely:

fatua, fatwa, fetua

alt text

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Or you could look up the meaning of "fatuous" in an English dictionary.

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