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a friend calls me mamacita all the time...he happens to be flirting but i don't kno what it means

  • Posted Sep 5, 2010
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It means "little mama".

In some countries it may be flirting, but in Spain he'd just be calling you his mother.

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I guess I wouldn't hear "mamasita" in Spain, it's mainly used in Latin Amercia. And I don't really think they are calling you "mom". As I've heard, it's used as saying "girl" or something like this, but obviously he could be flirting (it depends on how he says that).

It's also pretty common to say "papasito" (little dad), and I even heard once a woman calling so his own son, so I don't think she meant daddy.

  • You might hear "mamasita" but you would only read "mamacita". - samdie Sep 6, 2010 flag
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lol... mamacita!!! is like a pretty girl! your friends are flirting you! lol... or they want to say that you are very hot but is cute... you are the most pretty girl!

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